Monday, September 17, 2012

The Electronics of Advertising - Part Nine


        What it is: Facebook is a full-blown social networking site with over 901 million monthly active users that allows for sharing updates, photos joining events and a variety of other activities. There are two types of Facebook pages: Personal and Business.

        How to use it: You must have a personal page in order to have a business page because of how Facebook is setup. To get started, go to and follow the instruction. Once you have setup your personal page, you can then setup your business page at It has tips for setting up a good Facebook page. Some companies opt for only a Facebook page rather than having a website page if their purpose is only to communicate to their customers. The most effective use of Facebook is to communicate directly with your customers with daily specials, and information about your company that interests them that they in turn share with their own network of friends.

        How to get Facebook followers: Three basic ways to generate followers or “likes” for your page are; first, advertising your Facebook address to your existing customers. Second, using -- you can target directly to individuals by location/demographic/age/gender/and interests. Finally, using a third-party service called an “application”, create a contest with prizes which your existing customers will share on their pages.

Next Post I will discuss LinkedIn


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