Monday, December 5, 2011


The following famous speech was given by the great Sir Winston Churchill to a university graduation commencement. He stood up, approached the podium and said the following words: "Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, give up!" Then he sat down!

One of the problems I see occasionally with business owners is that they will start to do some marketing project for their company and then suddenly quit. They quit for different reasons. Sometimes they get a fantastic response from a campaign and decide to relax, sit back and collect on it forever. Or perhaps they got a less than positive response, got discouraged and gave up. Whatever the reason, giving up is not the right answer.

There are lots of marketing strategies available that you can use to promote your business. Go back and read some of my past blog posts to see just a few of them. But whatever strategy you choose, know that they all have one thing in common, they have to be worked to work! I know, I know, because there are so many kinds of advertising strategies that you can use, it can seem confusing deciding which ones to try. But here's the key, just get started and DON'T QUIT! Don't just try a couple of things and then give up. In order to grow a strong company, you must continually do marketing of some kind. Your goal should be to find as many ways of marketing as you can comfortably handle. The idea is to get to the point where you make all your mistakes and failures on the smallest possible scale and get the maximum benefit from your success.

One of the characteristics you'll find among top leaders in companies who are at the top of their field is that they are persistent, and they have an ongoing consistency. They are continually using many marketing strategies. Even if you have occasional failures, as everybody does, these leaders have the ability to get back up and move on. They make adjustments where necessary, and move ahead.

A simple marketing success strategy is this: Be doing something all the time. The old saying,"inch by inch it's a cinch" applies here. Many business owners become successful by using this strategy, and you will, too! And, as Churchill so wisely said, "Never give up!".