Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Want to improve your ad response rate? Then you MUST include a strong call to action!

Too many ads simply say, “Hey, we’re a great company,” and leave it at that. Ads that never ask the prospect to do anything are weak and non-effective.

Don’t assume that readers will know what to do by simply seeing your ad. You must tell them what to do and how to respond to your offer. Never leave it up to them to figure it out. They won’t! If you want prospects to call you then you must come right out and say so by adding a call to action statement to your ad that says something like, “Pick up the phone and call me right now!” Make your call to action copy bold and easy to understand.

If you want to turn up the response rate even further, add deadlines, add rewards for quick response and describe an easy refund policy to decrease buyer resistance.

Below are some examples of strong call to action copy:

· CALL NOW! All this can be yours! You can have it immediately by picking up the phone and calling the following number!

· ACT NOW! I take all the risk. If you’re not satisfied, simply return the product and I’ll quickly refund your money. No questions asked! You win all the way! Do it NOW!

· Don’t Put It Off! As an early bird buyer, I’ll include a big bonus package, absolutely FREE! After next week, I won’t be able to include the bonus as part of this offer, so act now!

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