Monday, April 4, 2011

See your customers through their eyes!

There’s an old marketing saying, “If you are to sell to John Smith what John Smith buys, you must first see John Smith through John Smith’s eyes.” This is true! Success in sales is directly related to a salesman’s ability to see the customer as they see themselves, then to serve them accordingly.

This principle is very powerful yet so simple that many miss it. People are all basically focused on self at their most personal level; it’s an irrefutable fact of human nature. People are born this way. Babies cry because of this. They want to be changed, fed, cleaned, and cuddled. To further illustrate this point, watch a bunch of children at a party. Mom comes in with a tray of cookies and says, “Who wants some?” Immediately the children jump up and down and say, “Me, Me!” They all want to be first served. Now watch adults at a party. The host comes in with a tray of food or drinks and says, “Who wants some?” Of course adults don’t usually jump up and down and say, “Me, Me”, as children do. But they do THINK it! They still want to be first served. So how do you use this information to make sales?

First, understand that the better you get to know your customers at a personal level, the better you will learn how to serve them and the better you will know how to make sales to them. By the way, this is why the first tip I gave in the “poor boy marketing tips” series was a directive to simply phone your customers and ask them two questions, “How’s your business?” and “Do you need anything?” That powerful tip, which studies have proven to increase your business by 30% or more in a single month, works because it is all about the customer. It asks, “How is THEIR business?” and “do THEY need anything?”

So, begin to see your customers through their eyes. Discover what to put in your advertising that will speak directly to THEIR personal needs. Remember that most advertising fails simply because it does not directly and boldly address what the customer wants and needs. And understand that the best way to find that out is to come right out and boldly ask them!

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