Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't get dry on marketing Ideas!

Last week I gave you the first place to get ideas from which was Junk Mail! Here is another place to get them.
From Magazine Ads! There is a multitude of great ad ideas to be gleaned from magazines of all kinds. Whenever I go to the store, or I’m at the airport, I look at magazine racks to see what’s new and different. If you do this, don’t only stick with the magazines you like, but check out others too. Find ideas in one industry that you can use in another. One idea I used a while back capitalized on the popular “Got Milk” ads. I used the idea to develop a very effected ad for an auto recycler, stating boldly on the page “Got Parts! Got Guarantee? Got Fast Delivery!” I also created an ad for a used parts provider around an idea I borrowed from a flu medicine ad I spotted in a sports magazine. The flu ad was a powerful consumer warning. In big letters at the top of the ad it said, “Flu Alert!” It had four strongly worded facts listed under the headline about the need to be ready for the approaching flu season. It concluded with some compelling reasons to use only their brand of flu medicine. My ad was similar to theirs. At the top of my ad I used the headline, “Parts Alert!” Like the flu ad, I listed four strongly worded fact below the headline about recycled parts. I concluded with a list of compelling reasons to buy from my client’s company.

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