Monday, April 11, 2011

Develop a Borrow File for Free Marketing Ideas

Most companies pay a lot of money for original education and ideas, but you don’t need to! You do not have to be original! There are already great examples all around you that you can legally borrow from.

Your borrow file is for ideas only, not to literally steal or plagiarize copyrighted material from. When you get dry on ideas, you can go to your borrow file to get your creative juices flowing. You can borrow the essence of an idea and custom tailor it for your own specific needs and it’s perfectly legal. Idea borrowing is done all the time and it’s not morally or ethically wrong. No one can copyright ideas. This is why you see so many imitations in music, fashion, TV shows, diets, movies, computer technology, and consumer products as well as just about anything you can think of.

Where to get ideas for your borrow file? The first is your own mail box for POSTAL JUNK MAIL! That’s right, the US Mail is a gold mine of free ideas you should capitalize on! Begin by thinking differently about junk mail. It is a great resource for free education and free ideas if you know how to glean from them! Big agencies pay millions of dollars each year on top writers and talented graphic designers who produce that mountain of junk mail that floods your mail box. Even though most of it is fluff and deserves to go into the trash, you will find the occasional nugget you can use. Keep the ones that grab your attention and make you want to buy their products. Borrow these ideas to produce your own ads. Use your own headline, your own photos, and make it into a new piece, totally yours. After you’ve done this exercise for a while, you’ll develop an eye for what’s good and what’s bad. Remember the best stuff grabs the reader’s attention, answers his biggest self interest question of “what’s in it for me?” and compels him to act. Keep in mind that there is value in bad stuff, too. Figure out why the bad ones didn’t get your attention and begged to be trashed. Rewrite the bad ones and fix them.

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