Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Want a fantastic response? Write Personal Letters!

Don’t send form letters! This has got to be personal in order to work. The envelope must have a handwritten address (absolutely no label affixed!), and there must be a first class stamp affixed in the corner (no postage meter!). Your personal name and return address must appear in the upper left hand portion of the envelope (no professionally printed envelope, no company label). In other words, it must look like, and actually be personal mail when it arrives to them in the mail. The inside contents also must be congruent with the outside. It must be personally hand written or typed (second best) with the receiver’s first name at the top and your signature hand signed at the bottom. Keep your letter short and to the point and say something like, “Dear Bill, I’m writing you a personal note to introduce myself.” The more personal it is the better your response will be. If your letter looks like you simply did a mail merge and cranked out a bunch of them, you will NOT get the results you want! Incidentally, I know of one company owner who used this approach, and he even included a hand-made savings coupon that he personalized for the receiver, writing in their name, and putting his signature on the bottom of it. Everyone who got one thought they were the only person who did! He got more than a 90% response!

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