Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Broadcast Fax Customer Specials

Use this method only to communicate to your own customers. It’s best to speak to your customers in advance and get their permission to receive faxed “customer only specials” from you. This is called “permission” or “friendship” marketing. It really improves your response rate when people welcome your offers. Always obey legal requirements when using this method. Never send spam! Be sure to include the date and time you sent your fax, your name/or the name of your business or organization, and the phone number of your fax machine. This needs to be on the first page of each transmission, or located in the top or bottom margin of every page you send. Be sure to put a note at the bottom giving them a chance to get off your list. You can check online at www.gpoaccess.gov, for the current legal information. Keep them simple. If it is an easy, fast, read, people are more apt to read them and respond. Don’t use a lot of graphics because they fax slowly and don’t look good. Instead use mainly text. Make it all about your offer. Have a powerful headline at the top such as, “These New Arrivals Are Just in and You Are the First to See ‘em!” or, “A Clearance Special For our Top Customers Only!” Then follow your headline with a great offer. If the offer is astounding and easy to understand, the receiver will be responsive to it. Make your offer easy to respond to. The easier it is to respond to and place an order the better and faster the response will be. The best way is to make the fax ad itself an order form that they can simply check some boxes, add their name to it and fax back to you. I have done this and have had a hand full of orders within minutes of faxing the offer to my best customers! For smaller campaigns, you can use simple in-house computer programs. But, if you are dealing with a large campaign, several hundred or more email addresses, you might consider using a professional broadcast service.

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