Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Use Logical Customer Service Up-Sell Opportunities

Studies show that most people will respond positively to an up-sell opportunity of up to 20% above the original purchase price of the item they are buying without giving it much thought. Small amounts added to a number of sales per day can really add up. Let’s say you are able to add one five dollar purchase to each of twenty-five sales in one day. That amounts to $125.00 extra dollars in one day, $625.00 in a five day work week, $2,500.00 in a four week month, and a whopping $32,500 for the fifty-two weeks in the year. Not bad! So where do you begin? Logically, the first up-sell offer from you would be to add warranty protection on applicable items. Then there is product tie in opportunities. For instance, if he buys an engine, ask him if he needs grease, oil or other fluids to go with that. Does he need gaskets, belts or special tools to make the installation? The key is to always ask if there’s anything else he needs. An up-sell is NOT a cold-sell! Attitude is everything when up-selling. It should be a part of your great customer service to them. You’re helping them! If they don’t buy it from you, they’ll have to make a trip elsewhere to get it.

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