Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Use Bounce Back Offers

A bounce back offer gives you a second chance, at little or no cost, to make another sale to a customer who’s just purchased something from you. You have to make a delivery and/or send a statement to them anyway, and simply put, your new offer gets a free ride to them. Selling to them again is pretty easy too, because they’ve just purchased something from you, and they are now predisposed to buy from you again. What to offer? You can offer just about anything that is valuable to the customer. You might offer seasonal items such as snow tires, chains, or recycled antifreeze. You can offer overstocked items at discounted prices, special purchases, selected items you have on sale, or any other thing you know your market place is interested in such as windshield wipers or tools. The possibilities are endless. By the way, you regularly see these bounce back type offers as inserts in your credit card statements. They’re there because they bring results. Include bounce back offers with your shipments. Pack one in every box. Include them with your delivery driver. He can hand directly to the customer. Include one in every billing statement. Your bookkeeper can insert them in

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