Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sell Ad Space in Your Publications!

I know of one person who sells so much space in his publications that his advertising costs are totally paid for with money left over. Why not do the same? Here's how. Design your advertising projects (direct mail piece, company newsletter, catalog, etc.) to include space for other non-competitor type businesses to advertise their products and services as well. If you are like most auto recyclers, your mailing list consists of a large group of auto body and general auto repair shops. There are many businesses who are marketing to the exact same group as you and would love to reach out to them with their products and services. Some examples of non competitors who are not selling used parts, but who are marketing to the same group as you, are: machine shops, automotive electric services, equipment supply houses, muffler shops, wheel alignment/axle frame repair shops, just to name a few. You probably already know a few of them well enough to pick up the phone and get them involved in your very next project. It could be a win-win arrangement for both of you!

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