Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here’s How to Make Your New Year Happy!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This tip will help you have a great one! One of American’s leading authorities on the art of sales, the development of human potential and the enhancement of personal effectiveness is Brian Tracy. He says that you must set goals in order to acheive success! He says it is very important to list personal goals as well as company goals when developing your list of goals, because they are connected and have to be congruent with each other.

He says the success secret to powerful planning and goal setting, is to write your goals down on a piece of paper as though they are true now, and congruency means you cannot tell yourself that you are making 1,000,000 dollars and be living in a van down by the river! Writing your goals down will cement them into your brain in a very powerful way and cause your subconscious mind to begin working on plans to make them happen.

In other words, when writing down your goals, don’t say, “I want to have a new house in five years, but say instead, “I have a new house.”

For example, say . . .

· I live in the following type of house _______________.

· I make _______ amount of money.

· My automobile is ________________.

· I’m physically fit and my weight is __________.*

*Yes, even your weight! If you tell yourself that you weigh (write here what you should be weighing for your height and bone structure) your mind will help you work out the goals and plans to accomplish it.

Now, write 10 to 20 goals down on paper.

1. Write them down and put them in order of their importance, the most important at the top and the least important at the bottom. The top goal is the one, that when accomplished, will have the most impact on your life and your business.

2. Write each goal down at the top of a separate piece of paper. Fill the page with ideas and a step-by-step plan to accomplish each one.

3. Do something every day to accomplish your goals.

It’s logical! Every goal can be put into steps and anything that is put into steps can be accomplished. If you have 6,000 steps and you do only one a day you will eventually complete that goal. The reason that most people don’t succeed is because they simply don’t do anything!

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