Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The First Lesson I Learned About Advertising Auto Salvage Yards

When I was first asked in 1982 to do a direct mail project for an automotive salvage yard, the first thing I said to the owner was, “How in the world do you advertise a junk yard?”

His instant response to my question was, “First of all, we never use the “J” word!”

To which I replied with, “But everybody calls your type of business a ‘Junk yard!’”

“Yes they do,” he said, “But we intend to change that!”

He then explained to me that the industry is working towards becoming known as “recycling” places, not “junk” places, and he wanted all of his advertising to accomplish more than selling parts, he wanted it to change the way people think about his business!

He was absolutely correct. You can change negative preconceived stereotypes about your business by cleverly crafting your ads to say what you want them to believe. Education is really describing things in such a way that it affects how people understand your industry, your business, your staff, and even your products and services.

Within your advertising projects you can educate, inform and change the ways folks think about your business. Next week I will tell you how.


  1. I would agree with you that you should never use the J word. Auto parts have so many uses. If a car doesn't run, there are still so many parts of it that you can salvage. It's great that you were able to learn that marketing trick that early on. http://www.englewoodjunkcarbuyer.com/salvage_cars.html

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