Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Have you ever noticed how many times the number seven shows up in advertising? Well, it’s not by accident. Studies have shown that the number seven has a powerful pulling power with people. If you were to ask an audience to pick a number between one and ten, odds are good that a large number in the group would choose the number seven.

You can use the number seven advantage in your company and create helpful lists to include in your ads. An ad for the yellow pages might read, “7 Things you MUST know before buying used parts.” Or, you could print helpful installation tips to give with certain purchases such as, “7 Tips on Installing Your New Engine.”

Always be thinking of ways to provide information to your customers and prospects. It’s an easy way to increase their perceived value of your company, products and services.

A few weeks ago I told you that the biggest mistake made by most self-advertisers is when they place the name of their company or logo at the top of their ad, rather than to use that valuable space for a powerful, eye-popping, response-pulling, headline. Next tip, I’ll tell you 17 easy things you can do to create “headline magic.”

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