Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Double Your Ad's Response By Appealing to Both Types of Buyers

Most advertisers are losing half their buyers immediately by being guilty of one of the most common advertising sins committed by the majority of marketers today. If you will fix this one common blunder in your own advertising projects you will certainly double your ad's response!

There are two types of buyers: Analytical and Impulsive. Studies have shown that consumers are evenly split between these two types; therefore you must prepare your ads and sales letters to appeal to BOTH these consumer types if you want to reach everybody.

Let’s look at these two types of buyers:

ANALYTICAL BUYER: The analytical buyer will only buy after being presented with lots of information. He must have all the details in order to make a buying decision. To reach this kind of buyer YOU MUST GIVE HIM LOTS OF COPY TO READ!

IMPULSIVE BUYER: The impulsive buyer will read only the headlines, subheads and bullets. He’s in a hurry and is not willing to read all the “boring details.” He gets excited easily and wants to get quickly to the bottom line. You must make your advertisment a fast easy read for him. To reach his type, make sure your offer is understood quickly and completely by simply reading the BULLETS, HEADLINES AND SUBHEADS.

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