Tuesday, December 7, 2010


At right is an idea for co-op advertising. I got the inspiration for it from a display ad I saw in an airline magazine while returning from a recycler’s conference.

The headline at the top of the original ad said,“The Greatest Steakhouses of North America.” Below the headline was a list of steakhouses along with their addresses. At the bottom of the ad was a smaller headline that said, “The last of the great independents! The owner/operators, who not only give fine beef, but their hearts as well.” At the bottom was a seal with a blurb “The independent cattleman’s association.”

The steakhouse ad looked like an independent recommendation, but actually it’s nothing more than a clever co-op ad, each participant pays a share (sharing with others can save you a bundle!). This is an implied endorsement ad. This idea could work for any industry and could even work for automotive recycler’s across the county or for co-ops within the same state or district. Or, it could even work for different types of businesses who want to work together. The possibilities are endless. To use this idea for parts recyclers, see the mock-up using the same concept at top right. The headline is now changed to: “Superior Used Auto Parts Providers of North America”. Members are listed below the headline, and the smaller headline at the bottom is changed to read, “The Great Independents: Top auto & truck parts providers who give the best quality, service & value. “ The association's name and seal are at the bottom. All the basic ad dynamics used in the original steakhouses ad have been used to create an entirely new ad for automotive recyclers.

Have you ever noticed that certain numbers show up repeatedly in advertising? Well, it’s not by accident. Next tip, I’ll tell you how to use one such number to add powerful pulling power to any advertising campaign.

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