Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Another ad making formula you see used often is called “Before and After Comparison.” There are lots of examples of ads using this formula. You see this type of advertising used often by the weight loss industry. In most cases the “after” picture looks dramatically better than the “before” picture. It’s interesting that the people rarely smile in the “before” pictures. It’s part of the “make-them-look-better-in-the-after-picture” plan.

This type of advertising is very powerful and can be used effectively in many different types of industries. It can even be used to sell used parts. A parts provider might use this formula by showing a car repaired with one of his front clips. The pictures on the ad could show the wrecked car on the left and the repaired car on the right. The headline with the ad might say: This car was repaired with recycled original factory parts from E & Z’s Used Auto Parts! Can you spot the difference? The difference is only in the price paid for parts!

Next tip, I will tell you what is probably the biggest mistake made by do-it-yourself advertisers. You must avoid this killer mistake.

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