Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The last few marketing tips have been on the subject of using the above tried and proven marketing formula to design advertising for your company. Here is how an auto parts provider might use this formula to create an ad.

Let’s say a common problem for your customers (I’m making this up) might be that they can’t get repair jobs turned around fast enough because of slow parts delivery, and this is causing them to lose business daily. Furthermore, let’s say that they are facing continuous down times while waiting for their replacement parts to arrive. These constant down times are causing them to pay employees for standing around waiting for parts.

So, simply put, the big problem: Slow parts delivery is causing big problems, much pain and worry. Next, you create an ad to point out the problem, agitate the problem and then solve it using your products and services. Here’s how:

You create an ad (could be a direct mail piece) showing a man with a worried look on his face and a big headline above him that boldly proclaims the problem: ARE YOU LOSING MONEY & CUSTOMERS BECAUSE YOU CAN’T GET PARTS DELIVERED TO YOU FAST?

Then you agitate the problem: You could be in great danger of going out of business if you can’t get replacement parts IMMEDIATELY when you need them! You could go broke paying your employees for standing around waiting for the parts you need!

Then you give the solution (which is your products and services): Stop losing customers and hard earned profits! ANNOUNCING!! In Stock Parts Delivered to Your Door in 30 Minutes or Less, or They’re FREE! No more down time! No more lost customers! Call for parts, NOW! (555) 555-5555

Next week, I’ll explain another ad making formula you see used often by marketing gurus. You can use it to, and should!

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