Monday, October 11, 2010



There are lots of different ways to design coupon offers. You can offer money off such as, “$25 off any Transmission.” Or you can offer a percentage off such as, “10% off any Engine.”

You can offer something for free with a purchase, such as, “Get a FREE T-Shirt with any purchase,” or, “Get a FREE Dinner & Movie with the purchase of any front clip.” You get the idea.

Then there are a multitude of combinations: “Buy one and get one free.” Or the same deal only stated differently, “Get two for the price of one.” Or, “Buy two and get one free,” or even “Buy three and get the fourth one free,” etc., etc.”

Then there are other “apples/oranges” combinations, which means, if they buy one thing they get a different item at a discount, such as, “Buy Any Front Clip and receive 50% off any pair of doors” (or whatever).

Did you know there are proven ad building formulas that will consistently work every time you use them? Next week I’ll tell you about two of them.

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