Monday, September 13, 2010


Seasoned marketers know that only three percent of those who clip coupons actually remember to redeem them at the point of purchase. For this reason, some business owners actually count on their coupons not being used, and include coupons only for the purpose of making their ads “keepers.”

That’s not the best thinking from a marketing standpoint, however, because coupon redeemers represent rewarded, satisfied, happy customers that will come back and buy repeatedly. Don’t forget, too, that each coupon represents an actual sale made, and the more of them the better!

Smart business owners want their coupons to be used and see the cost of them as part of their customer acquisition program. It’s a part of the much bigger picture of growing a healthy business. Therefore, they design coupons with great offers to get used. They use them to “buy” new customers, make them happy, give them a pleasant buying experience, and then entice (reward) them to come back and buy again and again and again and again ...” (you get the picture).

Discount coupons can dramatically improve your advertising project response rate, but only if they are designed correctly. Next tip, I’ll give you some simple methods you can use to make them work for you.

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