Monday, August 30, 2010


You see coupons everywhere, in every type of business. Consumers clip and use them, and they must be a part of your advertising, too. But, here’s the BIG secret about coupons . . . (Shhhhhhh) . . . most people forget to use them at the time of purchase. For proof of this look at your refrigerator, if you’re like most consumers, you’ve got a pizza ad there with the coupons still attached at the bottom, but you’ve ordered pizza several times!

So why use coupons if people forget to redeem them? First, people sort their mail over the trashcan and attractive coupons with valuable offers keep your mailers from going there. Second, coupons used as a part of magazine & newspaper-display-ads do attract attention and get clipped. Basically, coupons make your ads “keepers.” People really do intend to use them, and some will pick up the phone and call you to place an order. But, at the point of purchase most simply forget to redeem the coupon. Incidentally, the national average of coupon redemption is a meager 3%.

So, what should YOUR thinking be about designing coupons that will actually get used? Next tip, I’ll tell you how smart business owners think.

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