Monday, July 5, 2010


According to medical scholars, these five things worry people most: Their work, health, conflicts, children and finances (not necessarily in this order). One of the big secrets in direct response marketing is a formula called “E-factors Multiplied Equals Response”. The “E” in “E-factors” stands for Emotions. What this means is simply this, the more emotions you can involve in your advertising, the greater the response. Boring advertising with no emotional triggers is one of the common reasons advertising fails. An exercise worth mentioning is this. Find out what keeps your customers awake at night. Address this “problem” in your advertising, with your products and services as the solution. Example Headline: Stop worrying about money! With the 50% or more you save on our recycled auto parts, you can pay off those bills, pay off that mortgage, buy that new boat and go on that dream vacation!

Constantly be looking for ways to solve your customer’s emotional problems with your ads.

Did you know that McDonald’s has a little “on the street” test that they do to find out where they stand in the mind of their marketplace? Next tip I’ll tell you how to use the same method for your company.


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